For with God, ALL things are POSSIBLE………

Verse Thoughts from John Piper

True righteousness and godly love are two sides of the same coin, but neither are possible by human effort, strict training, mortifying of the flesh, or self-denial. True righteousness and unconditional, godly love is the supernatural enabling of a child of God by the Spirit of God, through faith.

To love our enemies and to do good to those that hate us, is impossible in our own strength. Blessing those that curse us and praying for those that mistreat us… without retaliation, is such a distinctive love that it is rare and beautiful and only exhibited in the lives of those that die to their own desires and live for the glory of God.

Every believer is positionally righteous because we were placed ‘in Christ’ at salvation. We are united to Him and identified with Him by faith. But living a life of practical righteousness and transmitting the unconditional love of God to others, which demands that we bless those that curse us and pray for those who despitefully use us and persecute us, is a human impossibility.