About Me

I hope to add a bio by the end of this year

A few bullet points for now….

  1. Born in Iowa on Nebraska/ Iowa border in Council Bluffs
  2. Not raised in a Christian family, but attended church (Presbyterian) irregularly
  3. Loved sports, singing (choir, barbershop, cub scouts, Boy Scouts (1st class10-12 merit badges) toward Eagle Scout.
  4. Good student B to B+
  5. Accounting Systems Consultant
  6. Executive of Printing Supply Wholesaler/Retailer/ RE Broker/ Loan Officer
  7. Grace Community Church – Part of Sports Ministry Leadership
  8. Simi Valley Church – Lay Pastor
  9. Cornerstone Community Church – Non Staff Pastor/Elder/Shepherd
  10. The Way Home Church – Pastor
  11. Blogger – Living Waters

add another page.