Just as Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness, by twisting the word of God, so shall he try to do to us, who follow Jesus. We must speak Gods truth to each other, and not worldly wisdom, which will lead us down a path of destruction. What will you choose, Life or Death? Choose Life! This world is not our eternal home.



Those who repent with a humble heart, will find forgiveness, and restoration from the Father. He is the one true god! All can have access through Jesus, to those who believe. May we pray today, for those who do not know this joy, and are facing many struggles. As Paul says, make my Joy complete.


Who do you say, Jesus is? He clearly states that he has the power over life and death along with granting eternal life. Do you believe? See below for a video on the Messiah.


Watch this story about Jesus on Youtube.

Shalom – This was the greeting of peace, Jesus gave to his disciples, after his ressurection. It was also the gift he would leave of the Holy Spirit, after his acention.


May you receive this gift, that only Jedus can give today. May you recognize that you fall short, of the standards God requires, but Jesus has taken the penalty, that comes with your shortcomings. He offers it freely to All who will come. Will you come today? He is patiently waiting. He waits patiently, that none should perish, from the judgement that will come. Believe in faith and choose life, not death and eternal separation from God.

What will it be for you? Please share me let us know if you have chosen life and will follow Jesus.

Our wage, for going our own way, is eternal death, and separation from God. When we turn to Jesus in Faith, who gave his life for our rescue, we are forgiven from destruction, and given the gift of life, both now and for all eternity. Thank you Jesus!


Thy will Lord, not my own. Yours is life, mine is death. Help me Lord, through your word, prayer, worship, and fellowship with like minded people. How about you? I hope we are in this together, wherever we may be. May the peace of God, guard your hearts and minds today!

Delight yourself in the Lord ; And He will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalms 37:4 NASB

If you seek the truth, with all of your heart, you will find it. The truth is, that one day, God will come to judge the earth for all of mankind. Many will be found guilty, but for those who put their trust and faith in Jesus, even though we are guilty too, will be see as innocent, just like the baby Jesus. That is really good news. It never gets old, remembering the fact that we have been saved, by Jesus supernatural act of his death and resurrection. Hope this gives you tremendous peace, this Christmas season. May God Bless You!

At night my soul longs for You, Indeed, my spirit within me seeks You diligently; For when the earth experiences Your judgments The inhabitants of the world learn righteousness.
Isaiah 26:9 NASB

We live in a culture that says, do it your way. It says, I am in control of my own destiny. This is a lie from the pit of Hell. It is a path that will lead to an eternity of separation and damnation. WE were created to submit to a Holy God, that is here to guide us and Love us, that we might find fulfillment in serving and walking with him. We have access to him through his Holy and perfect son, who freely gave himself up, to take the penalty, and give life to ALL who believe in him. It is a gift, and cannot be earned, lest anyone should boast. Won’t you consider this gift in faith, and give yourself up, that you may have access to the Father who gives life, through Jesus Christ, and no other. He is the ONLY way to God the Father!

Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His face continually.
1 Chronicles 16:11 NASB