See notes below on being called.

Notes from the John MacArthur study Bible.

1:7 beloved of God … called as saints. The Gr. text records these as 3 separate privileges: 1) God has set His love on His own ( 5:5 ; 8:35 ; Eph 1:6 ; 2:4 , 5 ; 1Jn 3:1 ); 2) He has extended to them not only the general, external invitation to believe the gospel ( Is 45:22 ; 55:6 ; Eze 33:11 ; Mt 11:28 ; Jn 7:37 ; Rev 22:17 ), but His effectual calling—or His drawing to Himself all those He has chosen for salvation ( 8:30 ; 2Th 2:13 , 14 ; 2Ti 1:9 ; see note on Jn 6:44 ); and 3) God has set believers apart from sin unto Himself, so that they are holy ones ( 1Co 3:16 , 17 ; 1Pe 2:5 , 9 ). Rome. See Introduction: Background and Setting. Grace … peace. Paul’s standard greeting ( 1Co 1:3 ; 2Co 1:2 ; Gal 1:3 ; Eph 1:2 ; Php 1:2 ; Col 1:2 ; 1Th 1:1 ; 2Th 1:2 ; 1Ti 1:2 ; 2Ti 1:2 ; Titus 1:4 ; Phm 3 ).


Happy New Year, brothers and sisters. Out with the old, in with the new. Can’t wait to see what the Lord will do in each of our lives and look forward to hearing about it, from each of you.

A lesson to Martha on Eternal life, regarding. her brother, Lazarus.

Father, please remind us that we have eternal life now, when we received your gift of salvation. Help us to live life now, as having received that gift.

Taken from the John MacArthur study Bible

With this statement, Jesus moved Martha from an abstract belief in the resurrection that will take place “on the last day” (cf. 5:28 , 29 ) to a personalized trust in Him who alone can raise the dead. No resurrection or eternal life exists outside of the Son of God. Time (“on the last day”) is no barrier to the One who has the power of resurrection and life ( 1:4 ) for He can give life at any time.

Just as Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness, by twisting the word of God, so shall he try to do to us, who follow Jesus. We must speak Gods truth to each other, and not worldly wisdom, which will lead us down a path of destruction. What will you choose, Life or Death? Choose Life! This world is not our eternal home.

There are two religious paths you can take. The way of the law and works that lead to destruction, or the way of life, through Jesus by faith in his perfect life of sacrifice and his resurrection, that leads to everlasting life. There is nothing he cannot over, if you surrender your life to him! Is this not good new, if you are suffering? He cares for his sheep, and leads them to green pastures. If you are lost, seek him and he will find you. Jesus is his name and there is no other.

The time is now, to reap the harvest. People are searching for answers. We who believe, have the answer. It is the only thing that will rescue humanity. It’s Jesus. There is no other answer. The color is white as snow, not blue, not red. Let us find strength in knowing we are pointing people to eternity with Jesus!

Who do you say, Jesus is? He clearly states that he has the power over life and death along with granting eternal life. Do you believe? See below for a video on the Messiah.

Watch this story about Jesus on Youtube.

Jesus was promised long ago. He came as Gods son, in human flesh. He died for our inadequies, and he rose from the dead. This has happened, but our hope is, that one day we will see his return, and there will be a new heaven and a new Earth, and he will establish his kingdom, for all of eternity.

Shalom – This was the greeting of peace, Jesus gave to his disciples, after his ressurection. It was also the gift he would leave of the Holy Spirit, after his acention.

May you receive this gift, that only Jedus can give today. May you recognize that you fall short, of the standards God requires, but Jesus has taken the penalty, that comes with your shortcomings. He offers it freely to All who will come. Will you come today? He is patiently waiting. He waits patiently, that none should perish, from the judgement that will come. Believe in faith and choose life, not death and eternal separation from God.

What will it be for you? Please share me let us know if you have chosen life and will follow Jesus.