SCATTERS, AND YET INCREASES. The principle here is that generosity, by God’s blessing, secures increase, while stinginess leads to poverty instead of expected gain. The one who gives receives far more in return (Ps 112:9; Ecc 11:1; Jn 12:24, 25; Ac 20:35; 2Co 9:6–9).


Happy New Year, brothers and sisters. Out with the old, in with the new. Can’t wait to see what the Lord will do in each of our lives and look forward to hearing about it, from each of you.

Just as Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness, by twisting the word of God, so shall he try to do to us, who follow Jesus. We must speak Gods truth to each other, and not worldly wisdom, which will lead us down a path of destruction. What will you choose, Life or Death? Choose Life! This world is not our eternal home.

The Battle belongs to the Lord. He goes before us to, if we don’t charge ahead on our own.

In the book of Joshua, he says Do Not Fear. I go before you in the battle. I will give you the Victory. He has declared victory in Jesus, through his perfect life, his death and resurrection. The victory has been won, over sin and death. We are are victorious through Jesus, both now and for all eternity, to those who believe. Do you believe? Lets shout it from the rooftops. Good news, indeed.

Our deliverance comes from the Lord! He does this in many ways, but he is the one who deserves all praise.