You shall have, NO other Gods before me.


Now we see in a mirror dimly, but one day, face to face,(clearly).

Oh, so many lessons to learn in loving. Forgive me, if or probably when I have offended. One day, I will be made perfect, but until then, I am a work in process, the God is molding, through His Holy Spirit. God Bless You, and may his Spirit dwell richly, in us today.

In both the good and bad, who do we turn to? May we turn to our gracious father, who wants to hear from us in both the good and the bad times we go through. It’s about a relationship.

The Things Above

Father, remind us day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, that you walk with us through whatever comes our way. You care deeply about the things we must suffer through, yet continually remind us, that this world we live in, will be made perfect, when you return again and take your people home. We wait patiently, as we walk with you, in the here in now, in your Spirit.

Praise to the one, who has given us Jesus, so that we might have access, to the thrown of God. We celebrate this time of year, that we were given this gift of the Son of God, who was God in human flesh.