It’s not about US, it’s all about GOD!

From Rick Warrens book, “The Purpose Driven Life”


Words are powerful. We can use them to point people to the gates of heaven or we can use them to send them to to pit of hell. What words do you use, to label the people around you, for good, to build them up, and not tear them down? Father, forgive me when I tear people down. Help me, ALWAYS, to SPEAK WORDS OF LIFE!

Forgive us Lord, when we seek help in the temporal things. May we ALWAYS, find comfort and help in you, no matter what comes our way. NOTHING, can separate us from your LOVE!

Father, I surrender to you, all things that distract from you today. Help me to see what is good, is right,is pure,is Holy. Let me see your goodness in the midst of a fallen world. May I see through your eyes. Amen

A lesson to Martha on Eternal life, regarding. her brother, Lazarus.

Father, please remind us that we have eternal life now, when we received your gift of salvation. Help us to live life now, as having received that gift.

Taken from the John MacArthur study Bible

With this statement, Jesus moved Martha from an abstract belief in the resurrection that will take place “on the last day” (cf. 5:28 , 29 ) to a personalized trust in Him who alone can raise the dead. No resurrection or eternal life exists outside of the Son of God. Time (“on the last day”) is no barrier to the One who has the power of resurrection and life ( 1:4 ) for He can give life at any time.

Just as God said, this is my son, in whom I am well pleased, he is also pleased in us, his sons and daughters. We are adopted sons/daughters and when we trusted in Jesus for salvation, there is no judgement for those in Christ. We have been perfected in love. Is this not Good News? Let’s shout it from the mountaintops. Jesus is alive, and he sent his Holy Spirit to live inside of us, to those who believe.

Thank you Jesus, that through you, we find life! Not only now, but for all of eternity. This truly is good news, that though we don’t deserve it, we find Mercy and Grace, through you.