You are the strength when I am weak, you are the treasure that I seek, you are my all in all. Jesus, Lamb of God, worth is your Name. May you have peace today, in the presence of his Spirit today.


The sacrifice was GREAT, that we might have LIFE. WE were BOUGHT with a PRICE, as a Slave to Sin. God, used this PURCHASE, for GOOD, and NOT EVIL. EVEN THOUGH WE WERE SLAVES, WE WERE SET FREE, BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH, IN GOD’S AMAZING PLAN, TO RESTORE US.

Metamorphosis = Transformation = Changed Life

Prayer – Jesus, I believe that Your blood, Your resurrection power covers my sin. I thank You and praise You for covering me with Your righteousness and raising me to new life in You. As You gently guide me in the transformation, you long to shape in my life, help me to stay close to You, and draw on Your power embraced by Your love.


Truth” here has reference not only to the facts surrounding Jesus as the Messiah and Son of God but also to the teaching that He brought. A genuinely saved and obedient follower of the Lord Jesus will know divine truth and both freedom from sin (v. 34) and the search for reality. This divine truth comes not merely by intellectual assent (1Co 2:14) but saving commitment to Christ (cf. Tit 1:1, 2).


John MacArthur Study Bible

God is here to help us, not punish us. He hurts, when we fall away, and pursues our own selfish desires, and suffer natural consequences. Embrace his Love and Protection. He cares deeply for you and your life.

What does this verse mean? Follow the link below, for a further dive into this important verse and passage.

Let us pick up our cross, and follow Jesus.