This fear, is a true reverence for God by a changed heart. The dynamic is unique. On the one hand, you understand your place before a Holy God. On the other hand, when you understand, that God wants relationship with his creation, it causes you to draw near, and want to please him, because he cares and loves for you. It is life changing thing.

While the unbeliever may make statements about life and truth, he does not have true or ultimate knowledge until he is in a redemptive relationship of reverential awe with God. Note the progression here: 1) teaching about God; 2) learning about God; 3) fearing God; 4) knowing God; and 5) imitating God’s wisdom. The fear of the Lord is a state of mind in which one’s own attitudes, will, feelings, deeds, and goals are exchanged for God’s (cf. Ps 42:1 ).