Lord, May we all be as patient as you were to us, as we pray for those to turn to you, as the one who can save them from there sins, just as you saved us from ours.


Can I get an Amen? He is so, so, good to not just us, but to all people, who believe. Even to those, who do not call him by name, our God shows tremendous grace and mercy. He waits patiently, that all might believe.


May we wait patiently, on you, O Lord. May we not look at what we don’t have yet, but see the blessings and grace, we have already received. May we look forward, to so much more, when we receive our final crowns. Our Hope is in you, Lord. The one who has rescued us from destruction, through Jesus!


Happy Birthday, America. May God Bless America. May we move away from our worldly ways, and move back to our fundamental values, of our Christian Faith. Jesus is the one by faith in him, that can turn this country from despair, to hope again. Celebrate with Hope today.


Biblical anthropology is the study of man from God’s perspective. Psychology is the study of man from man’s perspective. Which would you rather take counsel from? God or Man? Not condoning the the use of Doctors for medical problems, but where is the line drawn on mental health??? Please, let me hear from you.


True Godly repentance, leads to a renewed joy found in turning to God, and true remorse, yet trusting him to wash you of your failure. Ungodly repentance is of the world, and is more about regret, and/or fear of getting caught, and is of the world. This can lead to tremendous stress, guilt, and even lead to death!


It is the gift of life for those who believe, but for those who don’t, it is foolishness, but also carry’s the weight of eternal judgement. God does not any to perish, but to receive the free gift of life. This does not mean, that there was not a tremendous price to pay, for our wayward hearts!


Our Hope is in you Lord, for the security in knowing, that even though we live in a world that is passing away, you have a place ready for us that will NEVER fade away.