We must come humbly, before the throne of God. Lord, take our pride away from us, as we follow your path. Remind us, that this path, you have already walked, that we might have life, here in this Present Darkness. Yet, your light shines through the Darkness.



We are called to be a beacon of hope, to a lost world. We are not called to be a judge and jury. That is not been commanded to us, but to draw those like ourselves, out of condemnation, and into Glory. To share his Good News, that there is hope in one who saves. His name is Jesus.


Jesus has overcome the darkness, to bring light of his victory to even the darkest of places, and the darkness CANNOT withstand him. Can I get an Amen!


John MacArthur Study Bible

Just as a single candle can overcome a room filled with darkness, so also the powers of darkness are overcome by the person and work of the Son through His death on the cross

Just as a single light overcomes complete darkness, the spiritual forces of darkness, could not overcome the work of God’s only son Jesus, in his death and resurrection! We as Jesus followers, are forever blessed.

The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.
John 1:5 NASB