It’s not about US, it’s all about GOD!

From Rick Warrens book, “The Purpose Driven Life”


May we, shout it from the mountaintops, that Jesus Christ is Lord! May his blessing, continue to fall upon us us. May we rejoice in our suffering, for his names sake. Let him hear from you, too all who believe.

What Ark is God calling you to build, in Faith? We are never to Old, to step out in Faith. At 68, this still applies to me.

What Ark is God calling us to build. It wasn’t his work on the Ark that saved him and his household, it was his Faith in obedience to what God had called him to do.. He trusted Go, not knowing the outcome.

A Pray of Thanksgiving and Hope for Tomorrow

Father, thank you, that you give us glimpses, of what it will be like, to spend all of eternity with you. When I see your creation, and the beauty, that you have made here, I can only Imagine, what it will be like in all of eternity. Thank you for the glimpse, you show us now, not only in Nature, but in our relationships. You are worthy of Praise!

This was one of my Fathers favorite verses. It has certainly become one of mine, as well. Hope you enjoy the visual, of who we keep our eyes on, in this present darkness, to find our way in the dark. God Bless you, Today.

What is a man of God?


As a man after God’s heart, it’s not just about fleeing sin but about what we’re pursuing. All of the great men of faith in the Bible aren’t in there because they didn’t sin. As a matter of fact, there are some pretty horrific things that many of them did in their lives. But, they were all marked by qualities of repentance, grace, pursuing justice, defending the oppressed, and establishing God’s kingdom. Don’t make your goal not to do the wrong things, but make it your goal to pursue the list above. As you chase after the right things, your desire for sin will fade.

How can we do these things? I know, that unless I am humbly submitting myself to God, being filled with his Spirit and his Love, and bathing myself in the Gospel…….I have no chance!

Make no mistake. Jesus did not come to make a bunch of rules that if you kept them, you would be rescued from eternal judgement. He came to rescue you from yourself, and give you life. He fulfilled all the rules, you could not keep. This is good news, only thing you must do is believe.

Thank you friends, who through watching your diligence in being faithful in the word, and your comments, now and then, along with just living life, bring me joy, as we spend time in Gods word together. God Bless You!

The Things Above

Father, remind us day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, that you walk with us through whatever comes our way. You care deeply about the things we must suffer through, yet continually remind us, that this world we live in, will be made perfect, when you return again and take your people home. We wait patiently, as we walk with you, in the here in now, in your Spirit.