There is no discrimination with God. No one stands before him innocent, except by the blood of Jesus. A free gift to all who believe in Faith. Color, or race, or social status, or wealth or poverty, or level of religiousness, have any bearing on salvation.


God became man, so that we might live with him forever, through Jesus perfect life & sacrifice, that we could never do. God’s Grace is freely given, to ALL who believe. Your past, does not matter, only your present, and your future for all of eternity.

We fall down, we lay our crown, at the feet of Jesus. HE is our guide, he is our strength, he is our holder of our hopes and dreams, HE is the one we put our hope and trust. Only Jesus. (see link below)

Our flesh and blood are weak, but when we live by the Spirit, that can only be given by God, we live.

One day, HE will return. May we live, ready, in the Hope, that He will Restore, ALL things.

You are the strength when I am weak, you are the treasure that I seek, you are my all in all.

How awesome, that we have a God who instructs us, walks with us, speaks to us through his word, and loves us, in spite of our failures.

God is Faithful, all the time!

Is the storm a coming, or is the Son coming up? Either way, our circumstances, should not dictate our feelings….Lord, help me to see through your eyes, as I start the day anew, each day. Block out the common lies, we hear everyday of what we deserve, and realize that you gave us everything we didn’t deserve.