May we wait patiently, on you, O Lord. May we not look at what we don’t have yet, but see the blessings and grace, we have already received. May we look forward, to so much more, when we receive our final crowns. Our Hope is in you, Lord. The one who has rescued us from destruction, through Jesus!

Happy Birthday, America. May God Bless America. May we move away from our worldly ways, and move back to our fundamental values, of our Christian Faith. Jesus is the one by faith in him, that can turn this country from despair, to hope again. Celebrate with Hope today.

Share with me what you give praise to God for today. Our God is greater than any circumstance that we might be going through. I GIVE PRAISE, FOR MY WIFE, WHO BY THE GRACE OF GOD, ENDURED BRAIN SURGERY, AND HAS NEVER HAD A SEIZURE SINCE THAT TIME. THE DOCTORS COULD ONLY GUESS THAT SHE MIGHT HAVE FEWER SEIZURES. SHE IS MY MIRACLE!!!

“He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said. Come, see the place where He was lying.”

Our Hope is in you Lord, for the security in knowing, that even though we live in a world that is passing away, you have a place ready for us that will NEVER fade away.

A morning prayer in honor of the verse below. (Click on picture, if you can’t see the prayer)

Father, may we be steadfast, to be more intent on knees, pleading for our body, but also for those who have not bowed their knee to your son, Jesus. May we seek your intervention, more so than trying to fix things on our own. May we come before you, believing that you are in control of all things.

Oh Lord, when I am in that quiet place and feel your presence, I am at peace. When I can sit quietly, and hear your voice through your word, and be filled with your spirit, my world at rest. Help me keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, and not take my gaze away from him as I go about my day.

2022 New Beginnings

Father, yes it is a new year and a new beginning. It is a fresh start, just as you told Israel, that you would show favor to them, through Jesus, all people would be shown Grace, even though as Israel, we are undeserving. We have fallen short, and have disappointed you, but you have loved us anyway. You have wiped our slate clean, as we have put our trust and faith in the one who was perfect, and gave his life for us.

We know that as this new year starts, it will help us renew our strength and faith in you, but it will not be without blessings and trials. May we depend on you, Lord, our church family, and the Holy Spirit to guide us, along with your word, and May we Love others, as you have Loved us, and set the example for us.

We pray this in the strength and spirit of your Holy Spirit, for your names sake, and not our own, for your Glory,

Amen and Amen