Welcome to my Home Page.  I am so glad that you are here.   I hope that you will enjoy the blog posts, and that it is a blessing, to both those who follow Jesus, and those who are checking the site out.  My goal is to present different aspects of the Word of God, and make you think about it, rather than just going on to the next thing to read.  The Bible says to meditate on the Word both day and night, so I hope that what I put out here, will cause you to do that.

Please feel free to leave me a note about your experience with the site.  I am somewhat new to maintaining and creating a  site, so appreciate both logistical and and content comments. I am not really versed on website/blog arrangement and setup, so I’ll continue, to try and add a little more content on these pages as I have time.

God Bless


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About Me

I hope to add a bio by the end of this year

A few bullet points for now….

  1. Born in Iowa on Nebraska/ Iowa border in Council Bluffs
  2. Not raised in a Christian family, but attended church (Presbyterian) irregularly
  3. Loved sports, singing (choir, barbershop, cub scouts, Boy Scouts (1st class10-12 merit badges) toward Eagle Scout.
  4. Good student B to B+
  5. Accounting Systems Consultant
  6. Executive of Printing Supply Wholesaler/Retailer/ RE Broker/ Loan Officer
  7. Grace Community Church – Part of Sports Ministry Leadership
  8. Simi Valley Church – Lay Pastor
  9. Cornerstone Community Church – Non Staff Pastor/Elder/Shepherd
  10. The Way Home Church – Pastor
  11. Blogger – Living Waters

add another page.

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.