Who am I Lord, that I should hold anything against a brother in Christ. You have forgiven much, and I should do the same. Help me Lord, to fight against foolish pride. You are my way, my truth and the light that shines brightly.


The Bible calls Christians, Overcomers. It’s because Jesus, who we follow, was the ultimate Overcomers. He went from death to life, thus giving his followers that same gift for all of Eternity, with him.


No matter where we are, or what we are doing, God should be with us. If he God isn’t there, maybe we shouldn’t be there or doing what we are doing. His word and his presence are necessary, for our good, at all times to truly keep us on the right path. 🙂


If you are in despair today, please, call upon the name of Jesus. He will not disappoint. He will walk with you I n the most darkest times. In the Best of time, he will be your most Trusted companion.