Father, help us to walk in the Spirit, that we may not carry out the deed of the flesh. Fill us with your Holy Spirit today. We are helpless, to do these things on our own.



Father, fill us today, with your Spirit, that we may not swerve to the left, or to the right. May our eyes, be fixed on Jesus, that our path may be straight and not deterred. May we accomplish much, for your Glory, and for your Names sake. Amen!


A gentle reminder, that we are not meant to do this life on our own. We have a God, who can do the the impossible, when we surrender our own will, for his. As the Apostle Paul said, I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me. Can I get an Amen, brothers and sisters.


But the things which God announced beforehand by the mouth of all the prophets, that His Christ would suffer, He has thus fulfilled.


Father, may we all, who profess your name, be telling a lost world, the Good News, that our souls were bought with a price, that we can never repay, by Jesus perfect life, his giving of himself for us, out of perfect love, that we might be rescued from ourselves, to a new life in him. Your word never returns empty, and YOUR LOVE NEVER FAILS.

There is no discrimination with God. No one stands before him innocent, except by the blood of Jesus. A free gift to all who believe in Faith. Color, or race, or social status, or wealth or poverty, or level of religiousness, have any bearing on salvation.


God With US!


How great, the fathers love for us, that he would truly, give the gift, that keeps on giving. We can’t earn it, we don’t deserve it, but can accept it, and treasure it in our hearts, and tell all of how it has changed us. God truly is with us, as Jesus left his Holy Spirit, to indwell us and guide us in our path. Is that not worth sharing?

A Note from the Apostle Paul on Prayer. A Spiritual Battle indeed.


This verse introduces the general character of a believer’s prayer life: 1) “all prayer and petition” focuses on the variety; 2) “at all times” focuses on the frequency (cf. Ro 12:12; Php 4:6; 1Th 5:17); 3) “in the Spirit” focuses on submission, as we line up with the will of God (cf. Ro 8:26, 27); 4) “be on the alert” focuses on the manner (cf. Mt 26:41; Mk 13:33); 5) “all perseverance” focuses on the persistence (cf. Lk 11:9; 18:7, 8); and 6) “all the saints” focuses on the objects (cf. 1Sa 12:23).

May our light shine bright, for the world to see. May that light, not point to us for our perfection, but to Jesus, who was perfect in every way. The God/Man who came to give us this light and life.


Father, we give you this day, trusting you will bring us through whatever troubles come our way. If and/or when trouble comes, we pray you will give us strength. If we falter, help us in our unbelief, that we may stand firm, and give you Glory, because you are the one true God, three in one, the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Amen!


How can we do these things on our own, if not by the presence and power of his Holy Spirit, God’s Words of truth (Bible)? Yes, it is not of our own volition, but by being filled by his Spirit. Thank you God, for sending your son, thank you Jesus for sending your Spirit, and thank you Spirt, for living within us.